i'm anna kalbrener

A graphic designer and artist working hard and playing harder in Bend, Oregon.

Growing up in mountainous and green Washington State, I was brought up daughter of a mountain guide and self employed parents. The shadow of Mt.Rainer nurtured a deep appreciation of nature, as well as a passion for the activities that take you deep into the elements. 

I spent my college year studying art and graphic design in the wheat fields of Idaho and decided to endlessly travel the world once training and competition subsided. I quickly realized that though continent hopping had its pluses, my desire to work hard as an artist and an athlete called me home.

Now I reside in Bend, with easy access to snow and dirt. And when I’m not out riding or skiing, I am working hard for small, local businesses like Sili Pint, Palate, Healthy Hoohoo and Picky Bars, helping them build their brand identities to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

I specialize in defining and developing unique brand identities, creating artistic brand tools with custom photography and a healthy dose of creative thinking. My strength is big picture thinking--considering the full spectrum of business challenges, inventing the right tools and helping to develop a roadmap for emerging companies to grow and thrive.

I’d love to help you create, update, or redesign your company's brand and everything that goes along with it.  Give me a shout and let’s discuss your needs. I can tailor a package of services to fit your business and your budget.